Quality Control - 3M Corporation, Toronto
MAC OSX Troubleshooting - Toronto Image Works
Advanced PhotoShop - D.P.A. - Toronto
InDesign CS2 Training - Harper Burnham & Associates - Toronto
XINET FullPress and WebNative Administrator - XINET Inc., Berkeley, CA.
XINET Advanced WebNative - XINET Inc., Berkeley, CA
XINET WebNative Portal - XINET Inc., Berkeley, CA.


Software Competency

Adobe Creative Suite CS6
Xinet FullPress, WebNative Portal, Venture
Dalim Dialogue
FileMaker Pro
Suitcase Fusion
PitStop Professional
FTP software
Unix • Joomla • WordPress • HTML5 • CSS3

Server Administration

Xinet FullPress, WebNative, Webnative Portal, Venture
Dalim Dialogue
EnFocus PitStop


  • "Ken was an amazing leader, he always pushed me try and find my own answer prior to asking for a solution. He kept my skills/education current and relevant to the current market. He is a big part of my acquired knowledge to this date. Ken has an ability to not only staff an entire department but to also turn them into a family."
    C.N., Production Artist, Cossette
  • "I have worked with Ken for 11 years and he has been a great mentor in my career. Always calm and a great source for all technology-related and production questions. He played a crucial role in developing the Xinet system, workflow and how a studio should function. A great boss and would work with him again if the opportunity comes up."
    SK, Senior Production Artist, Cossette Communications
  • "Having worked with Ken for several years, I can tell you he regularly made me look good. His expertise is second to none and he relishes finding creative solutions around technical problems. Ken really (really) knows his stuff and he ensured Identica was industry leading-edge when it came to operations & technical proficiency."
    DL, SVP, GM Production Services, Cossette
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